Moldtrusion Wand Technology: Are You A Convert?


This technology may not be breaking news but there certainly has not been a lull in production of mascaras using these new moldtrusion masacara wands. According to P & G (the brainiacs who made this breakthrough), the technology used on most mascaras is aimed to “give women what they want: superb, flawless lash definition”.

Not every mascara is going to work like a dream on every person, it needs to be a game of trial and error to find that one mascara that works every time and delivers the lashes you desire. Some people want long, defined lashes while some want that doe-eyed full volume look. Whatever look you desire, there is a mascara out there that will do the trick. I have tried countless brands and versions of mascaras and finally discovered the mascaras that I genuinely feel work the best for me.

The mascara that has struck my fancy lately is a basic L’Oreal wire brush that gets the job done with the plain old wire wand. So, I made the transition back to the original wand and I’m happy as a clam. This doesn’t mean that the thermoplastic, flexible wands won’t do the trick for others though. These wands are great for those pesky, tiny lashes that need extra coverage. Not only do the new thermoplastic wands provide the same benefits of old mascaras (length, volume or definition out the wazoo), but their main bonus: they don’t gunk up!

Personally, the ‘thermoplastic’ bristles are a little irritating for my sensitive eyes. So for now I’m going to stick with my old-school wand. Hey, to each her own. But jump on the bandwagon and try it out, you just might find your new fave mascara! Test out the waters and find what works for you. What’s your vote? Keep it old-school or are you already an addict of the moldtrusion technology?

(Covergirl LashBlast Volume Blasting Mascara, $7.79,