8 Top Models Reveal the Beauty Products They Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead Without

Rachel Adler
8 Top Models Reveal the Beauty Products They Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead Without
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If anyone searched your bag right now, we bet they’d be hit with a mountain of makeup. And while you might swear you need them them all for different reasons, let’s be real: There’s probably only one or two that can be considered your ride-or-die products, the ones you absolutely cannot leave home without. We totally feel you: From smudge-proof lipstick (hi, Lipstick Queen’s Wine Metallic!) or a handy fragrance compact (Elizabeth and James White, of course) we’re also guilty of relying on certain things to feel fully put together throughout the day (and night.)

Interestingly, models—as gorgeous as they are—also tend to be highly particular when it comes to beauty preferences, which we learned when we asked eight of them which products they wouldn’t be caught dead without.

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Jessica Barta-Lam:
“I use this YSL lip gloss ($32). It’s a lip tint oil and I can’t live without it because it gives that fresh look since usually my lips are a little bit pale, and it makes me look awake and refreshed. And I can’t live without brows. Brows are very important. Mine are very dark. I don’t use much. I just fill in the bottom part with Anastasia ($23). And I always curl my lashes.”

Yulia Saparniiazova:
Givenchy Powder ($53). Sugar lip balm, in rose ($22.50). I really like it. And lastly, it’s got to be Anastasia eyebrow pencil ($23).”

Julie Hoomans:
“Lip balm at all times, it’s my number one before anything else, I’d say a moisturizing cream after a long flight, because my skin is very dry, and a third one, I like a brow brush because your brows look so much better when they’re brushed up–it’s a simple thing that makes you look so much better.”

Willow Hand:
“I have Vaseline’s Rosy Lips ($1.79), it keeps my lips from getting chapped, and clear mascara that’s an essential for me and that’s about it!”

Julia Vanos:
“Wipes are important especially during fashion weeks when you’re running from show to show and have to clean off the makeup. Lip balm–I just use the Vaseline Rosy Lips ($1.79)–and I guess just some sort of hand cream because it’s good to hydrate.”

Dasha Maletina:
“Lipstick, always, and I use a MAC balm ($16).”

Pauline Hoarau:
“I always have a lip balm, and I usually don’t have too many products with me, but if I were that kind of person I would bring with me the Bioderma ($25) to take my makeup off.”

Riley Montana:
“My face wash that I’m using now is by Philosophy ($28) and it’s amazing, I noticed a difference in like two or three days–that’s my favorite product right now. If I’m going out, I have to have a little black liner, I love my Diorshow Mascara ($27.50), it has my lashes poppin’ and I use my NARS highlight ($39)–and sometimes I use my eyeliner as my shadow like I’ll put it in my crease and smudge it out.”

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