Beauty Buzz: Why This Model Casting Is Stirring Up Controversy, The Secret to Youth Could Be in Your Genes, More

Sable Yong

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1. A Teen Vogue spread opens up some interesting dialogue about biracial beauty within a model casting controversy. [Racked]

2. New genes have been discovered that are literal anti-agers. They refuse to age. [Refinery 29]

3. Two of Instagram’s favorite hairstylists and colorists explain why you’re never happy with your hair. [Byrdie]

4. Find out how pickles can calm nerves, plus other weird tricks for serenity right now. [Daily Makeover]

5. YouTuber, NikkieTutorials is showing everyone #ThePowerOfMakeup in her selfies—featuring only half of her face with makeup on—to tell makeup-shamers to shove it. [POPSUGAR Beauty]