Expert Tips on Mixing Bold Colors for the Fall

Emily Rekstis
Bold Makeup

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When you think fall, you probably think low key natural-looking makeup. A little blush here, some light brown eyeshadow there, and top it off with a subtle pink on the lips. There you have it, your typical fall makeup look. We’re here to prove that stereotype wrong. You don’t have to sport subtle makeup all season long. That gets boring and old real quick. Spice things up by mixing bold colors together for a dramatic look for your cooler evenings this fall.

Makeup artist Patrick de Fontbrune is all about mixing bold colored makeup for the fall. “Incorporating bold colors in your makeup during fall months is a good way to add a little warmth and drama to an otherwise cold and grey season.” And now, thanks to his tips, tricks and some of his favorite products, you can rock all kinds of bold colors this season. Say goodbye to subtle and hello to va va voom fall makeup.

Choosing the colors
It all starts with picking the right colors. First, Fontbrune reminds us that it’s important to stick with tones that work well with your complexion and hair color. For instance, olive skin tones should stay away from pinks all together, while pinks look great on blondes with lighter skin tones.

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Next, just like when choosing colors for anything else, such as clothes or room decor, there are certain colors that work better with one another. Fontbrune suggests combining bold browns with warm colors such as burgundies or oranges. They keep to the feel of the season while adding a pop of color to a natural look. He also loves deep wine colors, especially as a lip.

If you want to intensify any of the colors, he recommends using a touch of bold metallic colors. This could mean a smudge of some metallic eyeliner along the top lash, such as NYX Slide On Pencil in Platinum. Or, it could also be a touch of metallic eyeshadow, such as Bobbi Brown’s, in the crease of the lid. No matter which route you choose, this additional step will add dimension if it’s looking a little flat.

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Application process
Fontbrune explained that during spring and summer, cream colors give a different texture to the makeup. While fall on the other hand, allows for more layers. This results in a more bold and dramatic look.

“When using multiple colors, one must be very aware of blending and placement in order to create depth and intensity,” Fontbrune explained to us, “Soft edges are necessary when applying eyeshadow to avoid seemingly hard and often messy harsh lines.”

For proper placement of eyeshadow, instead of swiping it on to your lid, gently press it on with a subtle finger pat. Then, avoid harsh lines when blending the colors together by using a soft angle brush. Move it back and forth until both colors have melted in to one another.  As for the harsh edges? “Nothing a gentle finger can’t control,” says Fontbrune.

Products to look for
If you want to give this multi-colored bold makeup look a try, Fontbrune provided us with some of his favorite products to work with. His go-to eyeshadow pallets this season are Dior in Trafalgar  and Carre Bleu. For a dramatic lip, Fontebrune recommends trying MAC’s lipstick in Heroine (a deep plum), Diva (a red-burgundy) or Media (a wine red).