Miranda Lambert’s Colorist Dishes on Her New Post-Breakup Platinum Hair

Rachel Krause

After the sad news broke that Miranda Lambert and husband of four years Blake Shelton were getting divorced, Miranda took the matter into her own hands by showing off a gorgeous new platinum bob, lifted quite a few shades from the dirty medium blonde she was sporting before. We’re of the mind that every woman should go platinum at least once—and what better time than just after a breakup to go really, really blonde?

We’re still waiting to get a better look at the country superstar’s new bright blonde in action rather than just on Instagram, but in the meantime, Lee Wright, the colorist responsible for the big change, told Us Weekly all about Miranda’s new look.

Wright, owner of the Nashville-based Style House Salon, made it clear that the choice was not impulsive. “When I started doing her hair a couple of months ago,” he said, “we talked about going lighter again.” And when Miranda visited just after her breakup, Wright went straight for the bleach. He made the platinum magic happen by both brightening up Miranda’s base color overall and going “heavy” over her highlights, which gives a gorgeous multidimensional effect.

If you’re considering going for a similar look, ask your colorist to do the same by adding highlights as well to complement the all-over base color. This technique gives a gorgeous multidimensional effect that allows the hair to really catch the light rather than looking dull and flat, which is all too common with processed blondes.

For what it’s worth, Wright also attested to the fact that Miranda was doing well following her divorce news. “She seemed great,” he said, and more importantly, “she looks awesome.” Now we just need to know more about that pink lipstick.

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