Miranda Kerr’s Beauty Secret: Eating Coconut Oil?

Rachel Adler

Miranda Kerr is a walking inspiration for never eating again. Or, lets be honest with ourselves, for putting more effort into working out because no one really wants to give up carbs or sweets.

The supermodel who walked the catwalk with a rocking body just weeks after giving birth and has flawless, glowing skin every single time the paparazzi catch her with her little bundle of joy claims that her secret beauty regimen is to get a daily dose of coconut oil. But, we don’t mean putting it in her hair or on her skin — Kerr apparently revealed that she dilutes the oil in green tea or drizzles it over salads.

She claims that her glossy hair and glowing skin are due to the fact that she has been drinking the stuff since she was 14-years-old. And apparently, according to the Daily Mail, sales of coconut oil at Holland & Barrett’s 625 UK stores have increased by more than 50 percent.

Would you drink or eat coconot oil in an attempt to look like Miranda Kerr?