Miranda Kerr Uses a $6 Biodegradable Toothbrush with Charcoal-Infused Bristles

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Miranda Kerr
Photo: Jun Sato/ Getty Images.

Miranda Kerr gave a look into her luxurious Malibu bathroom for Allure, and let us in on the eco-friendly and sustainable products she recommends. The former Victoria’s Secret Angel is well-versed in all things natural and organic– considering—most of her products are organic, vegan and cruelty-free.

In Allure’s video, The 35-year-old mother of two gave a tour of her crystal-accented vanity and revealed that she uses an eco-friendly, bamboo toothbrush with charcoal-infused bristles that retails for only $6.

miranda kerr toothbrush

Photo: Givemethedirt.com.

The biodegradable toothbrush, which is from the brand The Dirt, is made with an ergonomic moso bamboo handle with bamboo bristles as well. Even though the bamboo does take approximately three years to completely biodegrade, it definitely beats the plastic alternative that many of us are trying to avoid. Another interesting feature about this toothbrush is its charcoal-infused bristles.

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Charcoal is a natural toxin-remover and has been used for ages to remove chemicals and bacteria. In recent years, beauty influencers have been using charcoal to whiten their teeth and create a brighter smile without conventional teeth whitening strips.

But before you hop on the charcoal teeth-whitening trend, note that actual charcoal can wear away enamel over time, and the American Dental Association says that there is no evidence that proves that charcoal is safe or effective for your teeth.

Luckily, this toothbrush is only infused with charcoal for bacteria-fighting purposes—not whitening. The brand also doesn’t claim that the bristles will whiten or brighten your smile and only highlights its bacteria-fighting purpose.

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Kerr also mentioned her favorite toothpaste, by Himalayan Herbal Healthcare, that naturally whitens teeth using pineapple and papaya enzymes—a better alternative to harsh and abrasive whitening toothpastes or charcoal trends that litter the internet.

Thanks Miranda for teaching us your ways!