In Case You Missed It, Miranda Kerr’s Hair Keeps Getting Shorter

Rachel Krause
Jun Sato/WireImage

Jun Sato/WireImage

Miranda Kerr‘s once-long hair is slowly but surely Benjamin Buttonning as we speak. That’s to say it’s growing in reverse, becoming incrementally smaller each time we see her. If not for her frequent Instagram updates tracking her hair changes, we’d almost suspect that it was shrinking back into her head; which isn’t, believe it or not, how these things work.

For someone who sported very pretty, very stereotypical Victoria’s Secret hair for many years, it’s a significant transition overall from there to the new jaw-length, honey-streaked bob Miranda showed off at a handbag launch in Japan earlier today. At least she went about it slowly, trimming an inch here and there—if she hadn’t, it may have been too jarring for her fans to take.