Miranda Kerr’s $275 Facial That Delivers Plastic Surgery Results

miranda kerr secret looking young fiacial

Adriana M. Barraza/WENN

Miranda Kerr has cracked the code when it comes to looking young: She’s a devotee of skincare specialist Ildi Pekar‘s “LIFT” facials, which leaves “face-altering” results without plastic surgery. We’re listening.

The New York City–based facialist-to-the-stars told E! the service “delivers instant results,” and is formulated depending on your own personal skin situation. “We completely tailor this facial to your needs because everyone has different issues,” the expert said.

Obviously, there are lots of steps to the $275 facial. “First, we cleanse the skin,” Pekar says. “Then we provide a microcurrent [treatment], which helps stimulate and work out the face’s muscles while providing lymphatic drainage to get rid of any excess toxins and water (especially around the eye area).” This is the beginning of a three-pronged approach to a younger and firmer–looking face.

“Next,” she said, “we use radio frequency—this is great for skin tightening and fat shrinking. By minimizing the excess fat around the face, we can give you a natural contour that shows definition in your jaw and cheek areas.” Apparently radio frequency is basically liposuction for the face—who knew?

To round things out, “we use micro-hyaluronic acid to penetrate your skin on a deeper level,” Pekar says. “You can instantly see an increased skin hydration level while giving you a youthful look.” And, of course, stars including Lindsay Ellingson and Irina Shayk flounce out of there bathed in her signature moisturizer, which imparts “a vibrant glow,” she says.

The facial guru also shared some very necessary skincare tips for those of us who might want to sidestep dropping almost three Benjamins on such a treatment. “To maintain beautiful, youthful skin throughout all ages,” Pekar says “clean, organic products” are vital. She also recommends sunscreen, “plenty of water,” moderate exercise, and “a clean diet.”