Miranda Kerr Can Do This Part of Her Beauty Routine Without a Mirror

Miranda Kerr Can Do This Part of Her Beauty Routine Without a Mirror
Photo: Getty Images

As a former Victoria’s Secret model, Miranda Kerr has likely picked up tons of beauty tips from hours of sitting in professional makeup chairs. Turns out, the 34-year-old model’s most useful beauty skill is something she learned on her own. In a recent interview with People, Kerr revealed that she can tweeze her eyebrows to runway-ready perfection without a mirror.

Though most of us probably need to get up close and personal with a reflective surface to not mess up our eyebrows for life, Kerr plucks based on touch. “My secret beauty talent is that I can pluck my eyebrows without a mirror, just like by feel,” Kerr said. “Yeah, I’m really good at that.”

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But, with that secret beauty power comes a price: Since she could tweeze anywhere and anytime, Kerr developed a habit of plucking her brows to help her focus. Though the habit helped Kerr score straight A’s in school, her teachers weren’t as big of a fan of her plucking during class time.

“I remember I used to sit in the business class at school and my teacher would be like, ‘Miranda, put those tweezers away!'” Kerr said. “I’d be sitting there, like, ‘It helps me concentrate.'”

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However, we don’t recommend whipping out the tweezers in class—or while driving—anytime soon, since we’re pretty sure it’s legit dangerous to point sharp tweezers anywhere near your eyes without a mirror to show you what you’re doing. Leave the mirrorless eyebrow-plucking skills to pro beauties like Kerr, please!