Mineral Mists


Minerals in makeup are more popular than ever for the benefits they give your skin. Next month, thankfully, you will be able to experience the advantages, even if you are loyal to a non-mineral makeup brand.

In April, Youngblood’s Minerals in the Mist will debut a vitamin and mineral enriched facial spray that can be used either before or after makeup application. With Hemalite, Malakite, Rhodolite, and Zoncite to rejuvenate skin cells, as well as vitamins A and E to defend against free radicals, these mists are designed to protect and hydrate your skin. In three scents aptly named Refresh, Restore, and Recharge, these mineral mists may help to restore a healthy, radiant, and youthful complexion.

Now, even those of us who are yet to convert to mineral makeup may be able to nevertheless reap the benefits.

Youngblood Mineral Mist, $22, at ybskin.com