Mineral Makeup Benefits, Explained by Organic Beauty Expert Kate O’Brien

Rachel Adler

As people have become more and more environmentally conscious, gravitating towards organic foods over processed foods, they have also become more aware of the products they’re using on their hair and skin. Organic beauty product production has been booming in recent years, so we decided to talk to the founder of Alima Pure, Kate O’Brien, to get a better understanding of the rising beauty trend.

SC: What is in mineral makeup that makes it better for your skin than regular products?

Kate O’Brien: Although mineral makeup has some ingredients that are soothing to the skin and protect it from the sun (titanium dioxide and zinc oxide), it’s really more about what is NOT in the products. Alima Pure foundation is free of all common irritants like chemical additives, fillers, and fragrances.

SC: Is it better for people with sensitive skin to use mineral makeup, or can it be irritating? Can it be helpful to people who are prone to breakouts and why?

KO: Because it doesn’t contain any fragrances, preservatives, or chemicals, mineral makeup is perfect for most people with sensitive skin. Not everyone will be able to wear every formulation of mineral makeup, but most people should be able to wear it with no problem. We find that most people who have sensitivity issues that seem to be from our foundation are actually sensitive to their animal hair brushes. When they change to brushes with man-made bristles, the issues are resolved. As long as mineral makeup is thoroughly removed, and brushes are cleaned regularly, it should not contribute to breakouts. Whether or not it is actually helpful will vary from person to person.

SC: Do you have all of the same product options that you can get from a regular makeup brand?

KO: We have all of the same powder-based product choices. Unfortunately, we don’t carry things like mascara or other cream-based products. While those products contain mineral ingredients, they are mostly made up of other ingredients.

SC: It’s rumored that mineral makeup gives better coverage — is this true?

KO: Coverage can range from sheer to full with mineral makeup. Even with full coverage, most people find that it looks more natural than a full-coverage liquid.

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SC: What is your favorite mineral product and why? How is it applied?

KO: I would have to go with foundation because just applying a powder feels so liberating, and my skin has never looked better. I find that it is best applied in several sheer layers with a taklon-bristled brush. In the winter, when my skin feels drier, I will sometimes mix with a lightweight moisturizer and apply it over my regular moisturizer just to help combat the dryness.

Kate O’Brien is the founder and creative director of Alima Pure. Founded in 2004, her signature mineral collection includes a wide range of natural products including sheer foundations, illuminating bronzers, blushes, and richly colored eye shadows. An expert in the pure cosmetics field, Kate provides clients with more than beautiful products. She has become an authority on mineral cosmetics and is a source for information on safety, particle-size, chemicals, and the potential harms of allergens and additives present in many traditional makeup products. Alima Pure recently became the second U.S. company to receive the prestigious European BDIH “Certified Natural Cosmetics” seal.

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