Mindy Kaling Shared the Most Stunning Makeup-Free Selfie

Mindy Kaling Shared the Most Stunning Makeup-Free Selfie
Photo: Getty Images

As someone who’s been in the spotlight for the past 10-something years, Mindy Kaling knows the importance of letting her skin breathe from the constant wear and tear of on-screen makeup. Though the 38-year-old is no stranger to going glam, she’s also unafraid of baring her au naturel self to the internet, as seen by the scroll-stopping makeup-free selfie she posted on Instagram on Sunday.

To celebrate one of her first nights out as a new mom (if you didn’t know, Kaling gave birth to a baby daughter named Katherine in December), Kaling hit the town with her friend, Julia Powell, and documented it on Instagram. But instead of dressing to the nines in beauty products, “The Mindy Project” star kept things low-key without an ounce of makeup.

In a selfie shared on Instagram, fans could see the actress’s glowing, dewy skin in all its glory. The photo featured Kaling sitting at a restaurant booth, where she bared her gorgeous, natural skin in front of the camera. And don’t even think about filters.

“No makeup no filter mom night out with @juliaspowellart ❤✨👯‍♀️✨❤,” she captioned the picture.

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Though there’s nothing wrong with going full glam, it’s still refreshing to see a celebrity who has every A-list beauty product at their disposal forgo the cosmetics and step out makeup-free. Cheers to Kaling for flaunting her natural beauty.