Whoa—Millie Bobby Brown Is Blonde Now

Elizabeth Denton
Whoa—Millie Bobby Brown Is Blonde Now
Photo: Shutterstock.

In the first season of Stranger Things, the sci-fi Netflix show that’s become a phenomenon, Millie Bobby Brown wears a bright blonde wig to play Eleven. But once Eleven’s real hair grows in, Brown started using her own hair, or at least her own medium-brown hair color. Now, Brown’s gone back to the light side with a new blonde ‘do. The look was first spotted on Miami-based hair salon Y.S.V Salon’s Instagram, where colorist Yair highlighted her brunette hair to a wheat blonde. It’s a gorgeous shade and nothing like the platinum wig.

Brown’s hair transformation doesn’t end at hair dye. She hit up Dafne Beauty Lounge to get waist-length extensions. The photos from the salon are a little confusing because her hair looks a little darker at the root in these photos than the others. But I’m going to guess it’s a lighting issue. Either way, Brown’s hair is now blonde and a lot longer. The style is beachy and tousled and by the look on her face, she loves it.

Goodbye lob.

Brown showed off her new ‘do at a UK launch event for her beauty line, Florence by Mills. Her honey-blonde hair was long and full. It’s a really different look for the actress and as beautiful as she looks (always), I can’t help but miss the 15-year-old’s more natural, cool-girl vibe. It’s possible the sunnier look is for a role.

Mills (as her friends call her) also shared some pretty big Stranger Things news today. She posted the first mini trailer of Season 4 to Instagram with the caption: “We’re Not In Hawkins Anymore.”

I’m shook.