We Test-Drove Milk Makeup’s New Kush Brow Gel So You Don’t Have To

We Test-Drove Milk Makeup’s New Kush Brow Gel So You Don’t Have To
Photo: Courtesy of Milk Makeup. Design: Allison Kahler/STYLECASTER.

In 2018, no beauty trend is more in vogue than cannabis-infused skin care. According to the experts, the medicinal herbs help the body regenerate itself, in addition to curbing the production of sebum (oil) and decreasing inflammation. So it was only a matter of time before someone discovered a way to harness those same benefits in makeup, too. Last month, Milk Makeup did just that with the unveiling of a brow gel made with hemp-derived cannabis oil. Interest was instantly piqued.

As it turns out, the vegan ingredient—when combined with beeswax—is also able to bind and hold hairs together without leaving behind that gunky, flaky buildup. Now, as someone whose brow journey has included an exhausting number of pencil and gel tests, in addition to a round of microblading, I take my brow maintenance seriously. But when testing something new, it’s equally important to include all parts of the eyebrow spectrum, because if it only works for one type of brow, well, it’s not worth the hype. So, in an effort to save you money and time, three members of our team took the product for a spin. See how each of us fared below.

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Name: Milk Makeup Kush Fiber Brow Gel

The Price: $18 at Milk Makeup.

Hannah Hickok, Deputy Editor

Brow Status: Sparse AF—but also unruly, so I have to tweeze them. Very annoying.

Grooming Routine: Fill in as much as possible with a brow pencil or gel.

The Verdict: Love it! Have already started using it as my go-to daily product. I like how the wand is very small, so even if my hand is unsteady, it’s hard to mess up because I can really target where I want the gel to go. It adds just the right amount of darkness/volume to my already dark (but patchy) brows. I also love the minimalist packaging.

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Katie Stanovick, Beauty Writer

Brow Status: I, luckily, have good natural, dark brows. They’re full, but not Lily Collins full and I maybe wax them once a year. Other than that, I tweeze every few months on the outer edge.

Grooming Routine: I have a felt tip pen I sometimes use to make them a tad filled in. Most days, though, I leave them natural. I fill them in when I’m wearing mascara, which happens about four days a week.

The Verdict: I really like the effect it gives to my brows! It looks like it’d be a super dark color, but it blended in with my natural hair perfectly. It was a tad tricky for me to work it around without smudging it below my brow, but it easily wiped away. My only drawback was that when I touched my brows a little later, I could feel the product—like a hard gel in your hair. I don’t know if I used too much or what. Other than that, I loved it and will probably keep using it.

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Nikki Brown, Beauty Editor

Brow Status: If it weren’t for microblading, my eyebrows quite literally wouldn’t exist. I’ve never had to tweeze or wax them because I never had enough hair to begin with.

Grooming Routine: Although I’ve grown comfortable with wearing them natural on most days (I fill them in with pencil when I want to get fancy), I always use a brow gel to brush the hairs up and keep them looking neat.

The Verdict: Although I was initially turned off by the small size of the brush applicator, it does a great job of distributing just enough product unto my brows. Unlike Hannah and Katie, I stuck with the clear formula because tinted brow gels tend to make mine look a little too done. The best part of Milk Makeup’s formula is that it really does hold up in hot weather. Yes, it does dry a little sticky, but it doesn’t leave behind any buildup. Plus, I take comfort in the added security. I haven’t stopped using it yet and will probably need more soon. Hopefully they make a bigger tube!