Miley Cyrus Takes a Selfie of Her Pimple, Proves She’s Human

Miley Cyrus Takes a Selfie of Her Pimple, Proves She’s Human
Photo: Getty Images

Stars! They’re just like us! They eat food like us! They wear pants like us! They even get zits like us! OK, this isn’t really revolutionary news—you’ve definitely seen your share of horribly unflattering, no-makeup makeup photos on the front page of tabloids before, but generally, those pictures aren’t willingly offered to the world by the celebrity herself. But then again, those celebrities aren’t Miley Cyrus, the freak-flag-flying, breath-of-fresh-air queen of social media who Instagrammed a photo of her zit for all of mankind to see.

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First of all, hell yes, Miley Cyrus. Because when we have a zit, we tend to layer it with concealer, pray to the acne gods to spare us, and try to hide in the shadows of the night until it goes away. So we were pretty impressed to see Cyrus take a picture of herself pointing to a red zit on her forehead, with the caption “I deserve it. Too much pizza. Not enough water. #firstpimpleof2017.”

OK, we know—if you’ve ever had acne, you most definitely won’t be impressed by the singer’s tiny red bump that barely detracts from her otherwise smooth-as-hell skin. But hey, we’re still weirdly happy to see a celebrity acknowledge their blemishes. Though, a quick PSA: Greasy foods, like pizza, don’t actually cause acne, so don’t freak if you ate a few slices last night. Unless you’re literally stuffing yourself with simple carbs and sugar (which spike your blood sugar, which can cause hormonal changes, which can then trigger acne—yeah, it’s a process), then your random zit, like Miley’s, could be unrelated. Great. Now that we’ve cleared that up, we hope your zit clears up quickly, too, Miley.

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