Miley Cyrus Shows Off Her New Tattoo of Jupiter, Which Is Not Actually of Jupiter

Rachel Krause


Miley Cyrus, noted tattoo enthusiast, has a new tattoo. It’s not a bad tattoo—it isn’t a bludgeoned woman a la Chris Brown or, worse, a portrait of Kris Jenner, a la Rob Kardashian. It’s just that Miley’s latest ink might not be what she thinks it is.

The 23-year-old star, who may or may not be engaged to her ex-ex Liam Hemsworth, showed off her “permaaaa skinnnnn arrrrrttttt [sic]” on Instagram yesterday, with a caption that includes the hashtag “#lilbbjupiter.” Here is where the problem lies: This is probably not a tattoo of Jupiter.

As the recipient of the one and only Astronomy Award given at my high school graduation out of my graduating class of approx. 25 students, I can tell you that while Jupiter does, indeed, have rings of its own, they’re extremely thin and narrow and made largely of dust. (I invite you to consult this NASA guide to Jupiter for grades K-4.) Jupiter is not the planet with the big ass rings. That is Saturn. Diagram below:

Planets For Kids

Planets For Kids

It’s not only astronomy experts like myself who picked up on this honest mistake: Miley’s many Instagram followers were also quick to call her out. “Since when did Jupiter have rings around it,” says one. “This is not Jupiter! It’s Saturn!,” notes another.

Fortunately for Miley, this doesn’t really count as a faux pas—she isn’t sporting misspelled words or poorly translated Chinese characters. She is just confused, but as long as she acknowledges that her tattoo is of Saturn, not Jupiter, she’ll be in the clear. If she doesn’t, then we have a real problem.

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