Miley Cyrus’ Two-Toned Hair Is Giving 2002 Christina Aguilera

Elizabeth Denton
Miley Cyrus’ Two-Toned Hair Is Giving 2002 Christina Aguilera
Photo: AP Images.

If you think Miley Cyrus has been quiet lately, you’re probably not in Argentina. Cyrus is there for Lollapalooza AR performing for thousands of fans wearing sheer jumpsuits and futuristic glasses. Cyrus’ hair is new, too. This is the best look we’ve gotten of her two-toned color with platinum blonde on top and black underneath.

Cyrus has had choppy blonde hair for a while, playing around with short bangs and long side fringe. She even went through a mullet phase. It seems she’s growing out these styles in favor of a blonde lob. But because she’s Miley and is never going to do anything low-key, she got what looks like black extensions put underneath as the lower layer of hair. From the back, you can really see the two-toned look, which really only pops out from the front when she moves her head. This makes it perfect for performing since the musician likes to move.

Since everything old is new again, the two-toned hair reminds us a lot of Christina Aguilera in 2002 during her ‘Dirrty’ phase. Aguilera embodied Y2K fashions with extremely low-rise pants (well, chaps really), which we know are back whether we like it or not. Aguilera also had platinum blonde hair with black pieces underneath, as well as on top of her hair braided into the blonde.

Christina Aguilera

Star Max via AP Images.

Cyrus’ hair is definitely a more modern take on this look. We love that she made it all her own.

What Y2K trend will pop up next? We’re already seeing thin brows like Aguilera’s trending on TikTok.

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