Beauty Buzz: Miley Cyrus Breaks Down Her Beauty Routine, A New Perfume Subscription Service, More

Victoria Moorhouse
Brian To/

Brian To/

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1. Trying to get in shape this year? A regular workout can have BIG beauty benefits. What times is that Pilates class again? [Daily Makeover]

2. Miley Cyrus on her beauty routine, her love for lip gloss, why she’s hesitant to dye her hair pink, and lots more. [Byrdie]

3. There’s a new beauty subscription service that sends you samples of high-end perfume each month for only $15. Not bad, right? [Beauty Blitz]

4. Going platinum is truly a process. Here’s what you got to know to get it right. [The Beauty Department]

5. Gywneth Paltrow turns to a special drink to fight off “brain fog.” The ingredients list will definitely intrigue you. [StyleCaster]