Milan Fashion Week Diary: Makeup Artist Fatima Wraps It Up

Rachel Adler

Now that Milan Fashion Week has come to a close and Paris Fashion Week is getting under way, MAC Senior Makeup Artist Fatima Thomas has wrapped up her Milan journey. Below she details her last few days in Milan, which include some sightseeing, a bit of indulging in Italian cheeses, and of course, a few amazing fashion shows. Read on below for an inside look into her experiences!

Friday, February 24, 2012

This has been a long day. And it ain’t over. Was up at five this morning, two shows, then gym. Yep, gym. First show was Moschino with Tom Pecheux. The girls looked mod with bold eyeliner and beehive hair. Very cute. And the palette of the clothing was gorge. Vibrant jewel tones like cobalt and violet. Next, at the 800 year old Castello Sforzesco, C’N’C Costume National. Nothing man-made in America is 800 years old and won’t be for about 500 hundred years. Sil’s makeup design was great against the 1990s inspired clothing. Lots of black, lots of velvet, metallics, and sheers. It looked even more amazing than it sounds.

Key products for Moschino.” src=”” alt=”Key products for Moschino.” />

After the show, I didn’t want to work out, but me and the other “Core Four” (Jasmine, Georgina, Caitlin, and I) made an arrangement that we’d meet to go to Fitness First Ladies for some exercise. Caitlin convinced me to go, and I did, even though my feet felt like hot bricks. And I’m glad I did, I feel great. Weights and cardio, and I discovered the foam bolster! I must get one of my own. My back is a mess, and that thing was such a relief. If I used it daily, I’d be better off.

Had an awesome Chinese dinner with Jane, Vimi, and Caitlin. And now I’m having some gelato in Hotel Una Living Room, bumping my gums with Jane, Vimi, and Romero about work/life balance. And now Pierre, Katlyn G., Beatriz, and Monica G., Michele, Aimee and Deborah Peek have joined us. Laughter and libations are flowing freely. One word: decompress. My eyelids are getting so heavy, but the company is so good, I think I’ll hang out just a bit longer.

The fountain at Castello Sforzesco.” src=”” alt=”The fountain at Castello Sforzesco.” />

Saturday, February 25, 2012

We celebrated Gordon’s birthday at Cantine de la Vetra. Our nickname for it is The Cheese Restaurant because they serve this excellent burrata mozzarella and meats with these homemade ‘hot pockets’. You slice open the bread pocket and stuff it with cheese and meat. So good! And that’s only the appetizer. The main course was yummy. We cut up all evening, laughing, taking pictures. We styled me up like an Egyptian pharaoh, which was hilarious. I didn’t make it a late night because I had the Aquilano Rimondi show the following day.

The Duomo in Milan.” src=”” alt=”The Duomo in Milan.” />

Sunday, February 26, 2012

The weather was mild and sunny, just beautiful. Caitlin and I took a fitness walk to the Duomo before the show. The Duomo is truly amazing. The details and symmetry of the structure are baffling considering the resources that were available at the time.

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Lotte Stannard’s makeup for Aquilano Rimondi involved a colorful graphic eye with a satin skin and shiny lips. It was fun to do.

My stand out moments in Milan..

  1. Working with Tom Pecheux and Sil Bruinsma (I have a deep respect for their talent and kindness of both)
  2. Getting in a workout at Milan’s Fitness First Ladies
  3. The beautifully singular makeup at Silvio Betterelli designed by Tiffany Johnston, which was my favorite look of the entire season so far.

To my memory, this has been the most pleasant season I’ve had in 12 years. Partly because it truly was just that, but also because I’m at a culmination of my skill, experience, and confidence backstage.

Stay tuned to @MAC_Fatima_T, @MACcosmetics and of course @BeautyHigh for continous behind-the-scenes beauty scoop!

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