Microwaving Your Armpits is Now a Thing—Here’s Why

Rachel Krause

We’ve done a number of things to our armpits in the name of hair removal, like shaving, waxing, and even lasering, and there are a number of things we’re more than happy to microwave, like pizza, popcorn, and last night’s leftover lo mein, but the concept of combining the two leaves us all but verklempt. Armpits plus microwave—does not compute.

Yet that’s the exact formula for miraDry, a new treatment from medical device company Miramar Labs, that was just cleared by the FDA for the permanent removal of armpit hair. Aside from keeping underarms fuzz-free, it also works double duty to treat excessive sweating in the area. Uh, sold.

miraDry, which will be called MiraSmooth once it hits doctors’ offices this month, uses what’s described as “precisely controlled microwave energy” to heat hair roots and sweat glands into oblivion. It utilizes the same technology as the microwave in your kitchen, but safer—as Dr. Snehal P. Amin, a board-certified dermatologic surgeon, told Marie Claire, “It’s the same wavelength, but the delivery method, depth of penetration or range, and safety profile are totally different.”

The company reports that over 40,000 treatments have been performed to date, and though the device is brand new and has yet to undergo long-term research, it is believed that the treatment itself is safe. There is potential for soreness, redness, and swelling post-treatment—and the severity is subjective from patient to patient—but if armpit hair and excessive sweat are an issue for you, miraDry may very well be worth a try. Beauty is pain, right? … Right?

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