Michaela Coel Matched Her Purple Buzzcut to Her Eyebrows and I Can’t Look Away

Elizabeth Denton
Michaela Coel Matched Her Purple Buzzcut to Her Eyebrows and I Can’t Look Away
Photo: AP.

We already told you that the buzzcut was one of the hottest hair trends of the season. Well, leave it to actress/director/producer/singer (everything?) Michaela Coel to take the trend to the next level. Coel showed off her matching purple eyebrows and buzzcut during a talk with British GQ. The I May Destroy You star is glowing with her new magenta ‘do and brows.

Makeup artist Alex Babsky was the first to show us the look. “I did some 💜PURPLE💜 eyebrows on stupendous Michaela Coel to match her brand new hair,” he wrote. We’re not sure if her brows are actually dyed to match her hair but it’s likey just makeup. Colorful brows come in and out of style every few years, though only the boldest try them out IRL.

Fans and fellow makeup artists are loving the look. “Oooo I’ve had coloured brows on my mind lately!!!!!!!” wrote Lucy Boynton’s makeup artist Jo Baker. Does that mean we could see a pink brow on Boynton sometime soon?

While you’re drooling over Coel’s look (and even trying it out with eyeshadow at home), it’s worth checking out her British GQ talk, too. She talks about her wildly popular show and owning your own work. It’ll be your inspiring listen for the day. Coel recently went viral for turning down a big Netflix deal to maintain ownership of her show. She said about the situation: “Our industry is quite exploitative in that it wants all of the IP from the artist and, if the artist is generating the idea, I just don’t think that’s fair.”

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