Instagram Insta-Glam: Messy Waves

Victoria Moorhouse

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Get ready to embrace your bedhead! Messy, undone ‘dos often look younger and healthier than pristine, tightly-wound ringlets fresh off the curling iron. By separating your curls and gently misplacing strands, you’ll create more volume, texture, and even an illusion of thickness in your hair. The best part about this hairstyle is that it is easily attainable at home, as you’re essentially running your hands through your hair and deconstructing rather than carefully avoiding flyaways and movement. All it takes is a curling wand or a straightener, a sea salt or setting spray, and some inspiration.

We turned to our Instagram feed to see how real women were wearing this perfectly messy style and were left amazed and enlivened with their fresh looks. Check out these 8 undone hairstyles we discovered and let them inspire your next at-home salon session.

@tiffanybolin played up the messy waves trend with loose ringlets and straight ends.

@lyndirayne placed some of her messy waves into a very timely half-up look.

Messy waves bring even more edge to a choppy bob. @sunshinesam83  got the look right.

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Wearing a sparkly elastic headband as a head wrap, @allymguba dressed up her relaxed hairstyle.

The best thing about messy waves is that they look just as stylish on long hair as they do on short hair. Check out this layered look by @jenellefitch for inspiration.

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These undone curls can be created by setting your hair in a bun or even a braid. When @cml364 took her hair out of her bun, she was left with these awesome waves.

@thatssojen‘s undone curls brought attention to her ombred hair.

Because this hairstyle is so low-key, you can bring it with your makeup. @ingramannie tried out a bright pink shade.