5 Rules of Messy Braids That Actually Last

priyanka 5 Rules of Messy Braids That Actually Last

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With all of the different variations of braids on Pinterest (a million may not even be an exaggeration), there is one trend we can’t deny—the messy braid. As much as we love the messy-chic look, there’s one major flaw. Most don’t even make it through lunch. So to perfect the imperfect styles, here are a few rules you must abide by to keep a messy braid lasting all day.

1. Add Some Tension
The messier, the better right? But loose shouldn’t mean redoing it every hour in the bathroom mirror. For long-lasting results, add a bit of tension to each piece you braid. It can still be loose, but the tension creates structure and a foundation to the style.

2. Always Use an Elastic 
Although a bobby pin may be the best choice for a certain style, adding thin elastics to the ends gives longer-lasting results.

3. Tease
To create hold to the hair, start by backcombing strands at the top. A simpler (and faster) way to tease is by adding texturizing spray or dry shampoo. Then scrunch slightly with your fingers. Plus, it creates awesome texture—which upgrades any messy braid.

4. Accept Flyaways 
This is one time you cannot go for perfection. Pieces will fall out on top, on the sides, in the back, and it only adds to the aesthetic so go with it. However, if the fallout starts to mount up, add a few bobbys to pin strands back in place.

5. Finish With Hairspray
The golden rule of long lasting hairstyles—finish with a spritz of spray. To keep the style looking loose and flowy, use a light hold spray that doesn’t give hair that unwanted crunch.

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