24 Messy Braids from Pinterest to Inspire Your Look

24 Messy Braids from Pinterest to Inspire Your Look
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Formal or casual, rain or shine, freshly washed hair or second-day, you simply can’t go wrong with a messy braid. Check out these 24 messy braid hairstyles to consider for your next look!

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24 messy braid hairstyles | @stylecaster

Keep your hair out of your face with two Dutch braids folded into a messy bun at the nape of the neck. Tip: To create a Dutch braid, loop sections under the middle, not over, when braiding.

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This messy braid from the Rag & Bone runway is so simple, anyone can recreate it.

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Dress up a messy side braid with a bold smoky eye.

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Try this easy braided updo: French braid along your hairline and then twist the ends of your hair into a loose chignon at the nape of your neck.

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To create this braid, prep hair with a texturizing spray. Loosely French braid the hair, pulling out random pieces to create a lived-in look.

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For an angelic look, create a French braid along the hairline on both sides, and secure the braids together in the back.

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French braid hair in the back, and then pin the ends under for a chic, makeshift updo.

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For maximum volume, apply root lifting spray generously and tease 2-inch sections of hair. Finish with a loose fishtail braid.

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The key to pulling off a Heidi braid? Keep it messy and always leave loose strands in front to frame the face.

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A messy side braid looks cute at the beach — or anywhere, really.

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Check out this must-try this boho pairing — a braided halo and soft waves.

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Pull the front pieces out of a simple braid to frame the face.

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Give your Heidi braid an upgrade with bold brows and a bright pink lip.

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Supersize your bun with little braids along the twists and twirls.

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Add structure to bedhead hair by adding a tight French braid in the back.

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Skip the elastic and instead secure your braid with hidden bobby pins twisted throughout the ends.

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Play with different texture — sleek on top and rough on the ends.

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Go simple with a long plait at the nape of the neck.

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Add femininity to a motorcycle jacket with a loose ombré braid.

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Tame thick, curly hair with a loose fishtail.

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Two braids in one: Fishtail braid a small piece near your center part and then combine it with a thick braid for added texture.

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To keep long bangs out of your face, braid them loosely and pin at the back of your head.

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Give a fishtail braid a romantic feel by leaving the hair around the face loose and voluminous.

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We call this the mohawk braid. Start with texturizing spray and then fold hair tightly into a Dutch braid. Flyaways welcome.

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24 messy braid hairstyles | @stylecaster 24 messy braid hairstyles | @stylecaster