This Hailey Bieber-Approved Blush Comes In 4 New Stunning Shades & We Need All of Them

Katie Decker-Jacoby
This Hailey Bieber-Approved Blush Comes In 4 New Stunning Shades & We Need All of Them

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We’d typically do our makeup to resemble a golden goddess, especially when the sun isn’t out a whole lot in the winter, but everyone is hooked on thesunburn blush” or “faux sunburn” trend. It’s blush overload but in the cutest way possible. We saw a little bit of the blush all-over look when e-girls were at their peak. However, the current sunburn blush trend is a litter wetter, if you will. It’s flushed and dewy at the same time.

Celebs like Hailey Bieber have hopped on board and showed us exactly how it’s done, and we found a creamy blush that melts right into your skin and creates a beautiful and natural glow. Merit Beauty’s Flush Balm isn’t the kind of blush that completely covers up your complexion. It adds a sun-kissed tint to your cheeks so that your skin and freckles can still poke through. The result is a soft all-day glow that doesn’t look or feel cakey. The product already got an upgrade with new gold packaging, and now the Hailey Bieber-approved formula comes in four new shades. 

Say hello to Fox (warm taupe), Persimmon (soft orange-red), Stockholm (baby pink) and Apres (berry). I have always been a Raspberry Beret stan (celeb makeup artist Leah Darcy has used this exact shade on her), but think it might be time to convert to Fox or Apres. Who doesn’t love a pop of deep red or berry on their cheeks? Stockholm and Persimmon, however, look like the perfect shades for spring and summer since they’re soft and bright.

The New Season Set Merit Beauty

Photo: Merit Beauty.

If you’re struggling to choose just one to put in your cart, there’s no need to stress. Merit Beauty is on it with a set that includes all four of the new shades. While each individual shade costs $28, the set is on sale for $60. I’m no math whiz, but even I know that’s a lot of savings. This cute little box could also serve as the chicest gift for the makeup (and Hailey Bieber) lover on your shopping list.

Merit Beauty Flush Balm Shades

Photo: Merit Beauty.

“I really like the round shape because it fits my cheeks very precisely. The color payoff is very nice because it’s quite pigmented but not over the top so it’s easy to build up for that beautiful flushed cheek look,” wrote one five-star reviewer. “It blends evenly and compliments my complexion.”

When trying to create the faux sunburn makeup look, you should reach for balms because this format is oftentimes easier to control, build and blend. It looks much more natural and effortless and tends to take up less time, too (you can just use your fingers!). For the most stunning sun-kissed glow, try one of my personal faves, the Flush Balm. I have a feeling you’ll be applying it all year long.

And don’t forget, Merit Beauty will send you the most luxe gold mirror compact mirror with your purchase of $75 or more.

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Flush Balm Merit Beauty in Fox

Photo: Merit Beauty.

Merit Beauty carries the exact shades you need to achieve the sunburn blush look. Their O.G. shades include Terracotta, which many reviewers like to use as a blush and contour, as well as Mood, a light burgundy. There’s also Beverly Hills, a soft peach, and Cheeky, a cool pink. To get the most full-on faux sunburn look, opt for Raspberry Beret since it’s a deep berry tone. Regardless of which shade you go with, you’ll be sure to look fabulously flushed just like all your fave TikTokers and Instagram cool girls.

Flush Balm Raspberry Beret Merit Beauty

Photo: Merit Beauty.

A while back, Merit Beauty sent me Flush Balm to try and I am honestly a huge fan. I typically stray away from blushes because I think they’ll be too pigmented and make me look like a clown. However, I’ve been applying Merit Beauty’s blush and it truly does make all the difference. I get a nice, dewy glow on my cheeks that completes my overall makeup look. And I’m not even close to the only one who loves this blush.

“I just did not expect this blush to be this GOOD! I get the hype now. I like it so so much that I want it in every single shade now!” raved one shopper. “It has such a nice slip to it. Glides effortlessly on skin and feels like nothing at all. I’m so so obsessed with this blush. It’s pigmented just enough to give that beautiful flush of color to your cheeks. The color looks so natural on my medium skin tone. I’m obsessed if I didn’t say that already!”

Merit Beauty Flush Balm in Terracotta

Photo: Merit Beauty.

Another shopper found multiple uses in the Terracotta shade. “I adore the shade Terracotta. It’s the perfect 2-in-1 blush and bronzer shade for an easy sun-kissed wash of color. Blends super easily and smoothly. Color is sheer but can be built up easily,” they wrote. 

I’ll stop rambling about the amazing Flush Balm and let you start shopping. It’s $28 at Merit Beauty and will help you achieve the sunburn blush makeup trend with just a couple of swipes across your cheeks and nose. Be sure to check out the new shades, or just take the plunge on the set that includes all four, because why not?

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