A New Bracelet Helps You Ditch Your Cell Phone (And Not Have a Heart Attack)

How’s this for a dream scenario: You’re sitting at the dinner table catching up with friends and never once do you pull out your cell phone—yet you never miss a call or text, either. Thanks to a new high-tech device called MEMI, this scenario is an absolute reality.

memi bracelet shown as street style accessory with clutch bag

Meet MEMI, a chic bangle that doubles as a respite from cell phone captivity.

Created by businesswomen Leslie Simmons and Margaux Guerard—who this week launched a $100,000 crowdfunding campaign via Kickstarter—MEMI is a bracelet worn by users that’s able to alert them when they receive calls, text messages, and calendar alerts without having to compulsively check their phone.

“MEMI allows women to unplug without disconnecting from the people that matter most,” Simmons told us. “Two years ago I found myself frustrated with either missing my calls or feeling distracted [by] having my phone out a lot, and I thought ‘this seems ridiculous—we have all this technology, why should this be an issue?'” said the Atlanta-based mother of three and Harvard Business School alum whose background is in strategy and consulting.

So, how does MEMI work? The sleek bracelet—aluminum for now, sleek white metal alloy and potentially 18-carat gold and rose gold later—runs on Bluetooth technology that connects to a custom app on your iPhone. Users are able to tailor the types of alerts (and who they come from) with three different vibrating sensations for phone calls, texts, and calendar updates.

For example, if you’re out for the night and only want to know when your boyfriend and your mom are calling or texting, you can set your MEMI accordingly.

arm party street style memi

You’d never know this sleek bracelet was a high-tech device.

According to Guerard—a Wharton grad whose resume includes stints at Bobbi Brown and being the marketing director at Diane von Furstenberg—the device is capable of holding a charge for about five days, with a maximum of 50 alerts a day before it needs to be juiced up via a hidden USB in the bracelet’s clasp.

Of course, if you set your MEMI to receive fewer alerts—50 is pretty high by any standards—your charge will last longer. (As Guerard humorously pointed out, if, say, your boyfriend is calling and texting you 50 times a day, you have bigger problems than feeling rude for leaving your phone out on the table.)

What’s especially refreshing about MEMI is the fact that, despite its obvious utility, it’s a tech device that doesn’t look like one. “The wrist is valuable real estate,” said Guerard. “Women [are wearing] beautiful watches or bracelets, and we want her to wear her MEMI on the other wrist and not feel like she’s wearing a lame device.”

As for costs, the bracelet—which is unofficially targeted at busy women in their 20’s through 50’s—is set to retail between $150 and $200 for the classic white metal alloy version, though Simmons and Guerard are hoping to introduce two to three new versions by next year, depending on which metals prove to be popular on Kickstarter.

“Working women [and] moms, those two demographics are going to be important for us, said Guerard. “It Isn’t about being plugged in all the time, it’s about getting a break.”

See how MEMI works with this video below!

memi bracelet gives users cell phone alerts

MEMI creators Margaux Guerard and Leslie Simmons.