Meghan Markle’s Facialist Shares Her Easy, At-Home Routine for Removing Blackheads

Meghan Markle
Photo: Charles McQuillan/Getty Images.

Meghan Markle is a minimal-makeup kind of girl. From her natural wedding makeup to her penchant for showing off her freckles, the 36-year-old isn’t one to cover up with heavy foundation, which is partly how she may keep her skin in top condition. But the duchess also has an easy, 10-minute skin-cleaning routine that you can copy at home, according to her facialist, Sarah Chapman.

In an interview with Hello magazine, Chapman revealed how to shrink pores and remove blackheads safely yourself. Like every skin-care process, it begins with washing your hands. Then, open up your pores with a facial steamer. If you don’t have one, a hot bath or shower will do.

Next, Chapman, who is the founder of the the skin-care brand Sarah Chapman Skinesis, suggests gently rubbing a balm cleanser over your entire face, giving special attention to any blackheads or pimples. “Use massage techniques to work [the cleanser] deeper into the skin, and then circle the blemish with the pads of your fingers to soften the blockage further.”

Meghan Markle

Photo: Getty Images

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After you’re done cleansing, Chapman recommends pressing a warm face cloth on problem spots and softly applying pressure to either side of the blemish. However, Chapman warns that you should stop immediately if you see blood, and to always avoid using your nails as it can scar.

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Then, voila! Your pores should appear smaller and blackheads should diminish. Though sometimes the best advice is to leave pimples alone, if you have to pop them, Chapman’s routine sounds like a safe one.