Meeting Giuliana Rancic


Because I am part of the world, I am on Twitter (follow me @lisagradie if you want to have your days filled with knee-slapping laughs because I *do* put the FU in FUN). Let’s be honest, the only reason most of us are on Twitter is so we can follow celebrities and see what (or who) they are doing. So when Giuliana Rancic tweeted that she was going to be at Sephora at 5th Avenue promoting DDF, naturally I had to go and meet her. Even though I think she needs to be tied down and force fed lard covered donuts, I do think she is hilarious, and her husband is a babe.

As luck would have it one of my good friends does sales for DDF, and she was at the event as well. All of the other plebes had to buy a DDF product to get a wrist band in order to meet G, but me? Well I know people, so I just got the wrist band, sans purchase.

So we waited on line for about an hour. Giuliana was doing interviews with various beauty bloggers before she started meeting her scores of adoring fans. Once the line started moving, we came to realize that she was mini-interviewing everyone—like really asking people questions.

I didn’t want to be so lame and be like, “So how’s Bill???” because I’m sure everyone was asking her that. When my time came to meet her I just winged it. 

Oh, and did I mention that there were cameras everywhere because they were taping this entire thing for her show on Style Network, Giuliana & Bill.

“Hiiiii. Nice to meet you,” Giuliana said.

“You too,” I answered. “Listen I have a question. Can we do the picture first? My friend taking the photo has to leave, and I think you and I will have a lot to talk about.”

“S…Sure!” *snap* “So what’s your name?”

“Lisa. And I have to ask you. What’s happening with your eye makeup? Tell me what’s going on above the nose.”

“Why? Do you hate it?” She asked.

“No. I love it. Tell me,” I responded.

“Well, it’s actually a very cheap Sephora brand compact…um…can you grab it for her? I want to show her.”

At this point the big boss of DDF, my friends boss’s boss sashayed off to go grab the compact. Giuliana then proceeded to demonstrate the colors for me and how she put them on and specifics of everything.

“So where are you from?” She asked me.

“Boston. I relocated here 2 years ago,” I said. “How is Mama DePandi doing?”

“Oh she’s good…”

“And how’s Paolo?” I asked.

Giuliana looked confused, but interseted. “Who?” She asked.

“Paolo. Your brother.”

“Ooooh Pasquale! He’s good!” Giuliana laughed.

“HE’S A BABE!!!” I exclaimed.

“You think so?” Giuliana guffawed.

“Yeah!” I said.

“Oh my god. I can’t wait to tell Bill. I’m calling him right after this to tell him that you think Pasquale is hot. He will die. And when I tell my brother, you’ll like make his day.”

I reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally wanted to ask her if her brother was single because for the life of me I couldn’t remember but I didn’t want to look crazier than I’m sure I already did.

She signed a head shot for me, said I was adorable and really nice, and I was sent on my way. After that I went over to where my friends were standing and everyone said that my “meet” with her was the best so far. So maybe I’ll be on television!! OMG!!


Meeting the lady of the hour!
My friend and DDF employee Jessica Day, Giuliana, friend Tersa, Moi!

Kiss from 10.jpg

The shadow G wore. Go buy it! It looks fabulous!

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