Meant for Mistletoe


Actress Jamie Kern Lima came in today to tell Carol and me about her cosmetics line IT cosmetics. Jamie was on Baywatch back in the day and she spent years in front of the camera as a news anchor, so she knows how important it is to look your best. She’s created a line of makeup that flatters not only your face but also your body. If you want six-pack abs for the pool party, or if your new black dress calls for mile long legs, she’s got you covered. Which is probably why the Dancing with the Stars ladies are such big fans.

Complete with visual contouring instructions, each of her products is made to make you look like a better version of yourself. Take for example her new lipgloss My Youthful Smile. One side is a collagen and antioxidant filled wrinkle filler and the other side is a brightening gloss. You can put the filler over your foundation in your smile lines or around your lips, and the lip-glosses are all blue based so they make your teeth look brighter. The clear color that Jamie gave me even has a minty fresh taste. So it not only makes me look younger, my teeth whiter, it also makes me more kissable. Perfect for running in to someone special underneath the mistletoe.