Me, Myself and I


“They evoke the ideas we wanted to express: the seducer, the diva, the romantic, the dreamer, and the risk-taker are all part of everybody’s character,” Domenico Dolce explains to Elle, about the new fragrance line by D&G. We can only imagine the kinds of big personalities our dear Dom hangs out with. But in the real world that is not lived on reality TV or on an episode of Gossip Girl, someone with ALL of these traits would be labeled a “frenemy” who you thought was going to be your best friend then proceeded to attempt to steal your boyfriend, your wardrobe, your dignity, or all of the above and then of course, exited your life forever–not just for the season.

Nevertheless, while Dolce’s breakdown of the latest D&G fragrance collection, Fragrance Anthology, is borderlining on borderline (personality disorder), the company brings five divine scents that are set to get you feeling crazy sexy. They include:

1 Le Bateleur (The Magician): sweet, rich, cake like
3. L’Impératrice (The Empress): candy, rose, mellows out
6. L’Amoureux (The Lovers): citrus, tart, sweet
10 La Roue de la Fortune (The Wheel of Fortune): ripe plum torte
18 La Lune (The Moon): a cool garden at night

Drawing inspiration from a Tarot card deck, the fragrances are unisex and personality inspired. Check out the hot mini videos shot by Mario Testino with old school supers Eva, Claudia, and Naomi looking so phenomenal that we are once again reminded why the term “supermodel” was coined in the first place. You’re sure to find a fragrance from this gorgeous range that will suit you, as the design house are masters of sexy scents. After all, it’s D&G, baby. And as Bruno says, “Dolce and Gabanna, hello!”

D&G Fragrance Anthology, $65 each, at