Women Sue Maybelline Over False Lipstick Claims

Rachel Adler

maybelline gloss Women Sue Maybelline Over False Lipstick Claims

A group of women are suing Maybelline for false claims regarding the long-lasting effects of two of their lip products. The women are claiming that the brand’s Super Stay 10HR Stain Gloss and Super Stay 14 HR Lipstick do not fulfill their claims and are thus “misleading, inaccurate and deceptive” according to the Wall Street Journal Law Blog.

The lawsuit claims that “Maybelline overstates and misrepresents the staying power of its Super Stay products as a means to induce consumers to purchase the product.” The women are hoping to seek damages for violated consumer protection laws in Michigan and New Jersey, in addition to New York (where the suit was filed). On one hand, we understand the women being upset when a product doesn’t do what it says it will — we’ve all been there. Purchasing a long-lasting product to only have it come off mere hours later is disappointing, or even worse, a frizz-fighting product that only increases our frizz. And then of course you have to take into account the commercials and advertisement images that convince us that the glossy lips that we see biting into endless pieces of food and drinking from countless glasses — yet somehow maintaining their color — are what the product will deliver in real life.

But, on the other hand, we have to ask ourselves — is suing over dissatisfaction of a beauty product (which ultimately costs about $9) really practical? Let us know in the comments below!

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