Maybelline New York Launches Tumblr in Preparation of MBFW

Amanda Elser

It seems as if beauty brands are finally getting on the Tumblr boat with the rest of the fashion industry, and just in time for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

Maybelline New York announced on Tuesday that it would debut a new social media outline in the days before fashion week, which includes a Tumblr site, According to Tumblr Fashion Director Rich Tong, Maybelline New York is the first beauty brand to embrace Tumblr. “I’m incredibly excited to have them contributing their images and videos throughout Fashion Week, as it will truly help bring visibility to our beauty community on Tumblr,” he said.

The Tumblr feed is said to be a “visual extension” of the company’s Twitter page and geared to the “style savvy” blogging community. During fashion week, the site’s content will be streamed onto the Tumblr’s official Fashion Week coverage at

In addition to their Facebook page, YouTube channel and Twitter feed, Maybelline New York hopes that their Tumblr blog will be away to bring the Fashion Week to women everywhere.

In a WWD, Damien Bertrand, global president of Maybelline New York, said “Fashion has become a central platform for Maybelline New York across the world.”

In its fifth year as the official cosmetic sponsor of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Maybelline’s social media platforms are just another way to strengthen the bond between the fashion world and the beauty industry.