Beauty Recipe: Matte Stains and Brushed Up Brows

Rachel Adler
lip stain


We all love an easy beauty look that can be done within minutes, but also leaves us looking polished – and let’s face it, like we put in a little bit of effort – even if it took hardly any time at all. That’s why we’re all such big fans of matte lip stains – they’re quick and easy to apply, they stay put, and we don’t have to worry about touching up multiple times throughout the day. But, how do you complete your matte stain look? When choosing a color on the more vivid end of the spectrum, we always like to advise to go more neutral everywhere else. And, since the bold brow look is still going strong, it’s nice to be able to amplify your brows quickly by simply brushing them up and applying a clear brow gel to make them stay there. Below you’ll find our tips and tricks for getting this look – and trust us, it’s going to become your new go-to.

Matte Stain:
Find a matte stain in a color you love that you can throw in your purse for any occasion. We recommend Hourglass Cosmetics’ Sheer Lip Stain in Aura for a lightweight feel with a good dose of color. Plus, like any great stain, it lasts.

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Brow Brush:
Now, for your brows. As long as you’ve been keeping up with your brow maintenance (i.e. trimming the stray hairs whenever they pop up), all you’ll need to do each morning is brush up your brows with a brow brush to make your “bold” look stand out a bit more.

Clear Brow Gel:
But, we all know that brows don’t stay in place that easily. To keep your brow hairs exactly where you want them, brush over them with a clear brow gel, like NARS Oural gel, and you’re good to go!

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