Insta-Glam Instagram: Matte Red Lips

Jaclyn Sciara
Insta-Glam Instagram: Matte Red Lips
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One of the biggest trends running the past few seasons has been to wear a bright or bold colored lip. Even thought this trend looks great on anyone (especially considering the wide array of color options), it can get a little boring if you don’t mix it up once in a while.

We love the idea of a matte lip and what better color to choose for it than a classic red? We took to Instagram to see how you ladies styled your matte red lips, and we love the inspiration we found. From smokey eyes to a neutral face, we found the best pictures to inspire your next matte lip moment!

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This is the only red lip inspiration you'll need this week. 

@Esmee_lx is rocking her matte red lips with a super chic messy high ponytail, and we can't get enough. 

We love the killer shades @bakingbamboo paired with her matte pout.

@Jodieleighwild is looking super chic with her matte lips and straight across bangs.

@Carlarebeccax is playing up the trends here wth a plaid shirt and gorgeous matte lips to match.

These lips were made for pouting and the matte color looks great on @claudiacoriac.

@Nana_andrina gives off an edgy vibe with her matte lips pairing them with a neutral eye.

@Lyndseyariel played up her lashes and her matte lips for a gorgeous overall look.

@Traviiexiita created a smoked out eye to pair with her beautiful matte lips.

We are loving this deeper matte lip, especially with @Geerocke's matching hair color! 

@Mdanielle90 created a fresh and flawless face to pair with those gorgeous red lips. 

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