Matte Makeup, Hair and Nails: How to Wear the Trend For Fall

Rachel Nussbaum

Whichever way you look these days, people are talking about matte beauty. Whether it’s matte skin, lips, eyes, hair or nails, we’re practically expecting to see it in skywriting one of these days, it’s that ubiquitous. After years of dewy, glowing skin, it seems like the world’s just ready for one huge soft-focus lens. The problem is, our makeup collection’s not. While we could head out and buy some all new matte-finish fun things, we’d rather not alter our entire cosmetic wardrobe based on the one trend alone.

Instead, we’ve found those miracle products that work with and bring new life to what we already have. Example A: Primer that saves us the pain of finding a foundation match among the current matte selection, ever-growing that it is. Example B: A nail finish that’s making us look at old polishes in a whole new light. We’ve also highlighted the tried and true matte products worth splurging for, and the already great ones that just got a matte update, making sure they’ll be worth having around even in a few seasons. Remember that old saying, “make new friends, but keep the old”? Yeah, sometimes they’re one in the same. And that’s what we call a loophole.

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