Beauty Recipe: Matte Lips and Glowing Skin

Michelle Grossman
matte lipstick


As the weather gets colder, it’s no secret that our skin gets drier. Sometimes no matter how much we moisturize, we’re still left with our faces feeling dull. Luckily, in the wonderful world of makeup there’s always something we can do (or better yet, some products we can use) to liven things up a bit. Glowing skin and matte lips are a duo that will never go out of style — remember, opposites attract. So, we’re filling you in on everything you’ll need to get this fresh and fun go-to look, no matter what the occasion.

BB Cream: To bring a healthy glow to your complexion, switch out your foundation for a BB cream. Providing just enough coverage while still feeling light on the skin, BB creams are the perfect way to keep things hydrated and healthy looking. For an even more dewy look, apply your BB cream with a damp makeup sponge.

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Blush: Glowing skin is never one-dimensional, so blush is a must for adding some life back to your look. Opt for a shimmery peach or bronze toned blush that will warm up your skin tone, while still giving you that natural sunkissed glow. Using a blush brush, apply the product with a light hand along your cheekbone and blend, blend, blend for a seamless look.

Highlighter: When it comes to glowing skin, highlighter is the icing on the cake (and it’ll catch the light every time you turn your head). Using a fan brush, sweep a highlighting powder just above your cheek bones, or using your fingers, dab a liquid luminizer right on top of where you applied your blush.

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Matte Lipstick: We’re aiming to get the glow on our skin, so when it comes to your lips, skip the gloss. Applying a vibrant matte lipstick will pull your look together in the best way. For best results, exfoliate your lips beforehand and apply a lip liner to keep things neat.