Is Matching Your Makeup To Your Outfit A Major Faux Pas?

Julia DiNardo
Is Matching Your Makeup To Your Outfit A Major Faux Pas?
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Is matching your makeup to your outfit on-trend, or a bad fad that should fade into oblivion?  We asked some of our favorite gals on the web for their thoughts, along with some tips and guidelines to follow. Beauty is certainly in the eye of the beholder, and our pros voice in their opinion what works, and certainly what does not!

The whole matchy-matchy look was definitely a dominate trend the last few seasons, and while we are always for using your nail polish as an accessory, what else is acceptable to match to your wardrobe on a night out?

See what these beauty gurus have to say above! 

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Kaitlyn Dreyling, “I'm totally OK with matching your lipstick to your outfit, but matching your eye shadow with your clothes is tricky. It can be done, but more often than not coordinated eye color looks tacky.”

Karie Frost, “I have no qualms with matching an element of my makeup to a piece of clothing—as long as I’m not decked out head-to-toe in one color. Case in point: a maroon lip pairs well with my burgundy bellbottoms. There’s some distance between the two, which allows me to tie-in the color without it feeling overbearing.”

Lauren Dimet Waters,
“My first inclination is to say you should NEVER match your makeup to your outfit because that’s so 1990’s and as we now know, that’s not cool. However, you do want to find colors that compliment your outfit especially if the outfit is very colorful (which as we know is in style this spring/summer).”

Paula Wade, "I think matching your eyes to you clothes sometimes can be a great way for those who normally do a neutral look to break out of their shell. It can add a pop of color and give the confidence to try new things, while getting out of a rut."

Tara Fuller, “As much as I love matching, I do think it can be taken too far—especially when it comes to matching your outfit and makeup. If you're going for a bright look, keep it simple and stick to one piece. ”

Anne Fritz, “Your makeup should always match the spirit of your outfit. This means if your look is sophisticated, your makeup should be equally elegant, for example a LBD looks great with a bold lip color, or if you're wearing something more edgy, go for a smoky eye."

Sarah Conley “I like to think that your makeup should match the spirit of your look, but tread very carefully when it comes to getting too matchy-matchy. I would never recommend that someone wear eye shadow that is in the same color family as their shirt, however a lip color can be more forgiving, especially in a gloss.”

Laura Coronado, “Makeup should complement and help to complete an outfit. So wearing one's makeup to match an outfit isn't necessarily the best strategy. It depends on the outfit."

Carolyn Hsu, “I'm a believer in going for the opposite- bright makeup with neutral clothes or softer makeup with brighter outfits. However, matching your makeup to your outfit works if you're wearing neutrals or light colors."

Christine Tsang, “I think this is totally fine as long as it isn't over the top, and that there are enough of other colors/elements to break up the pairing. I personally would not do it with eye shadow, but a simple eyeliner or lip color can be very chic, matching a single wardrobe item."

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