35 Easy Matcha Recipes That Will Blow Your Mind

Like kale and pomegranate before it, matcha is making waves as the new superfood to know. Essentially a powdered form of green tea, makers of matcha claim it has the ability to boost your metabolism, aid weight loss, support immune function, and act as an antioxidant. Some reports even claim matcha can reduce your risk of certain cancers.

Regardless of whether it’s really the magical substance some believe it to be, the stuff is seriously buzzy right now. Health and fitness bloggers regularly praise Matcha, while Pinterest is buzzing with brilliant ways to use the powder in recipes beyond your standard cup of tea.

If you’re a fan of Japanese desserts like green tea ice cream, you’ll probably love the earthy, slightly chalky bite matcha can bring to other dishes, too—from pastas to donuts. Here, we rounded up 35 delicious ways to try the superfood for yourself.

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1. Ditch your usual afternoon snack for creamy coconut matcha balls. So good, trust us.

2. Combine almonds, egg whites, sugar, and vanilla with matcha to make matcha macaroons.

3. Bake matcha shortbread for a tasty–and healthy–twist on the classic dessert.

4. Matcha mochi yoga pops are super easy to make–just mix together the ingredients and freeze for a few hours.

5. Matcha crème brûlée could just be the fanciest way to try this superfood trend.

6. This Japanese-inspired cake combines matcha with black sesame and vanilla.

7. Matcha coconut pancakes. ‘Nuff said.

8. Matcha choc-chip cookies are actually surprisingly easy to make–just mix together the ingredients, and bake for 10 minutes.

9. Mix wheat flour, matcha tea, and eggs to make your own flavored pasta, and then mix basil, olive oil, and garlic together for the sauce. Dinner is served.

10. Matcha chocolate truffles might just be the tastiest-looking recipe on the internet right now.

11. With just six ingredients you can make a matcha mochi cake like the one above.

12. Give icecream a Japanese twist with this matcha-infused recipe.

13. These matcha mini meringue kisses are the cutest.

14. Tiramasu fans (everyone?), we give you “matchamasu.” You’re welcome.

15. This vegan matcha tea rejuvenating smoothie recipe might be the easiest, cheapest, fastest way to get your dose of matcha goodness.


16. Wow, how delicious do these matcha and chocolate donuts look? Here’s the recipe to make six donuts, but you might want to double up on ingredients and make more, because obviously.

17. Make a savory dessert with matcha and ginger panna cotta.

18. Chia pudding with matcha? This recipe uses all of the buzziest superfoods.

19. This coconut and matcha flan-like dessert takes 10 minutes, and looks seriously tasty.

20. Here’s a recipe for mille-crêpes that use matcha. Sure, the matcha isn’t going to offset all the sugar, but it has to make it a little better, right?

21. Looks refreshing, doesn’t it? This simple ice tea recipe uses matcha, mint, lime, ice, and water–and some honey if you feel like extra sweetness.

22. Here’s a cupcake combination that you never thought of before: matcha green tea and red azuki beans. Apparently though, the two go together like peanut butter and jelly.

23. Step this way for a comprehensive how-to on creating rich chocolate brownies with a matcha glaze.

24. Put aside 45 minutes on the weekend to make yourself a matcha swiss roll–and then eat it while you sip on your matcha green tea.

25. Here’s a detailed recipe on how to make mochi pralines with chocolate and matcha ganache.

26. Stuck for dinner ideas? We bet you haven’t tried matcha gnocchi with ginger, ginger, orange butter, and butternut squash.

27. We wouldn’t recommend this recipe for matcha green tea souffle for beginner cooks, but if you’re up to the challenge, the result certainly looks worth the effort.

28. With matcha and sesame seeds in the list of ingredients, you can be sure this recipe isn’t for your average cheesecake.

29. Get back to basics and try a matcha green tea latte with milk and honey.


30. Topping the list of things we never new we wanted, is this recipe for matcha icecream sandwiches.

31. This recipe for matcha green tea chocolate squares isn’t overly difficult, but it definitely helps to have a video showing you how to follow the steps.

32. We didn’t know it was possible to make fudge better–until we saw this recipe that uses coconut and matcha. Yum.

33. Combine all the buzziest healthy things–goji berries, macadamia, and matcha–to make this superfood-loaded green chocolate bark.

34. Just think how impressed everyone will be when you whip out this matcha dark chocolate mousse cake at dinner.

35. If you’re game enough to make croissants from scratch–rather than relying on the baker down the road–try this recipe for a matcha-infused version.