Olsen Twins Launch Style Website

Olsen_twins_website_fashion.jpg (400x600)

Photo: © Jeff Vespa/WireImage

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are launching a new personalized shopping website.

The twins have joined forces with BeachMint Inc–a company headed by MySpace founder Josh Berman–for StyleMint.com, which promises to combine shopping and social media to offer users a unique experience where they will be given recommendations for purchases based on the responses registered users give in style questionnaires.

Mary-Kate and Ashley will design the products–starting with a range of $29.99 women’s t-shirts–and create videos for the site.

Ashley said, “Online commerce is the perfect medium for us to create a new brand that is as much about the clothing as it is about the customer experience.”

Mary-Kate added, “With Stylemint.com, Ashley and I have created an online experience reflecting our love of style and allowing us to engage with our customers directly, which is an inspiring new way for us to think and create as designers.”

StyleMint is the second such venture for BeachMint, who teamed up with Kate Bosworth and her stylist Cher Coulter to launch JewelMint.com last October. The site sells jewelry at $29.99 an item, also through personalized recommendations.

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