Supermodel Martha Hunt Shares Everything She Eats in a Day—Tacos Included


Victoria’s Secret angels Martha Hunt and Elsa Hosk. Getty Images

Martha Hunt has more than 180 runway shows on her scorecard, walking for the likes of Balmain, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Miu Miu, and Louis Vuitton, but you probably know the 26-year-old best from her time spent dressed in lingerie and wings for Victoria’s Secret and for being besties with Taylor Swift. In fact, I believe it’s actually illegal at this point to write about the North Carolina–born model without name-checking her angel-status affiliation with the lingerie giant or using the hashtag #squad.

This week she was out in New York City, chatting to media (me!) about VS’s collection of bralettes (she says she likes this one and this one best). And, as she’s the proud owner of one outrageously phenomenal body, Hunt was also happy to share her full food and fitness plan. If you, like 1.7 million other people, follow her on Instagram, you already know Hunt spends a lot of time at the gym and uses healthy-food delivery services such as Sakara Life. While we spoke, she also told me that she eats dinner really late at night (same!), swears by one very specific style of working out, and has a winning smoothie recipe that she makes for breakfast—but more of that in the interview ahead. Read and learn!

For breakfast I had:
It depends where I’m at when I wake up, but I eat as soon as I wake up. This morning it was 6 a.m., but it could be any time between that and like 11. I switch it up, but I like to do eggs, I love that, it’s my go-to. Something with protein. Or I love a smoothie.

My go-to smoothie recipe includes: Banana, coconut milk, almond butter, berries, flaxseeds.

For lunch I had: Probably around 1 p.m., I just have a salad with chicken or maybe tacos.

martha hunt food diary 2 Supermodel Martha Hunt Shares Everything She Eats in a Day—Tacos Included


For dinner I had: I actually usually eat late night, which is bad, and I should probably eat earlier. Dinner could be anything; I love sushi, I love Indian food, I love Thai food; it could be anything.

My favorite healthy snack is:
I would say my smoothie.

The one thing I would never eat is: I won’t eat a lot of weird meats. I eat a lot of lean protein, rarely do I eat pork or like duck or something like that. I usually stick to fish or chicken.

When I work out I do: Body by Simone, which I’ve done a lot of lately. It depends how busy I am, but I usually work out three to four times each week. But this week I’m so busy, I’m trying to figure out when to fit it in, so hopefully I’ll get 20 minutes here, or 20 minutes there.

When I want a healthy takeout dinner, I head to: Right now I’m loving Hu Kitchen; I’ve been eating there a lot lately actually. I’m loving their grandmaster veg and the chicken tenders with aioli sauce. The broccoli’s really good too.

I start my day by: Washing my face and walking my dog. I’ve got to walk my dog before I head out the door.

The ingredients you will always find in my kitchen are: Greek yogurt, coconut water, green juice, and probably something naughty like ice cream and chips, always. It’s tough because I travel, so it’s hard to always have food in the fridge.

martha hunt food fitness diary Supermodel Martha Hunt Shares Everything She Eats in a Day—Tacos Included


My favorite activewear brand is: Victoria’s Secret Sport—they have so many good sports bras right now. Right now I’m loving the online sport bras, I think they’re really cool and they look good even with your leggings for street style and not at the gym.

The most-played song on my workout playlist right now is: I’m loving Zayn right now; there’s the new song, “She” by Zayn.

My favorite workout apps are: I’m not using any; should I? Tell me more! Sometimes because I do have to be so fit all the time, for me, personally, it’s better not to focus on calorie burning, and exact details, I’d rather just be fit to feel amazing. It’s just my personal take, otherwise I’ll think about the numbers too much.

The fitness blogs and Instagram accounts I follow are: I do see this Twitter, “Eat This Not That” I don’t know if it’s a very credible source, but they have some very funny tweets, and sometimes I don’t believe them. They’re funny! Sometimes I’m like, “Really?”

My sweet of choice is: Rice Krispies. Elsa [Hosk] was telling me that it’s also like a low-caloric treat, which I was like, “Oh, good.” I don’t like a lot of sweets, but I like Rice Krispies and ice cream. I usually like more salty food. You’ve got to live a little.


Martha Hunt and Elsa Hosk. Getty Images