These ‘Almost Invisible’ Mario Badescu Pimple Patches Might Be Better Than The Brand’s Fan-Favorite Drying Lotion

Katie Decker-Jacoby
These ‘Almost Invisible’ Mario Badescu Pimple Patches Might Be Better Than The Brand’s Fan-Favorite Drying Lotion

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You know that pink goop that comes in a glass bottle and zaps your pimples? The one that’s made by the one and only Mario Badescu? The cult-favorite Drying Lotion solves our acne problems each and every time, but it’s not the most discreet product in the world. Going out in public with pink dots covering your entire face is not necessarily the fashionable winter look we’re going for. But a subtle pimple patch could definitely work. Lucky for us, Mario Badescu has those—and they’re just as effective as the Drying Lotion. 

The best thing about the brand’s Drying Patches is that you can protect and heal your blemishes wherever you go. The dots are clear, so nobody should even notice them as you run to Starbs or the grocery store. You can tackle your errands while acne-fighting ingredients tackle your pimples. 

“These pimple patches work very well,” wrote a shopper who gave them a perfect rating. “They have good adhesion and can stay on for hours. These clear patches look almost invisible on my face. I use these to spot treat pimples. These act quickly to dry out and shrink pimples.”

Poking, prodding, and popping are the last things you want to do when you have a blemish. It’ll likely draw out the process for them to heal and fade away. The best course of action is letting them disappear on their own, and they’ll do that much quicker with the help of a pimple patch that contains acne-fighting ingredients. Keep reading to learn more about the formula and why some shoppers say the Drying Patches take rank over the iconic Drying Lotion.

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Let’s clear up (get it?) the many benefits of these pimple patches and how they top the Drying Lotion. While they do both incorporate salicylic acid, one of the most effective ingredients for addressing acne, the patches also have niacinamide, vitamin C, and hyaluronic acid in the ingredients list. 

Niacinamide works great to calm the skin, which is just what you want when you have an irritated spot. Meanwhile, vitamin C diminishes the appearance of dark spots, and hyaluronic acid provides a ton of much-needed hydration to the area. Together, they make the perfect blend for confronting your pimples head on. 

They’re super convenient in that they’re barely noticeable, whether you’re wearing them in your own home or while you’re out and about. Many shoppers point out how handy they are for travel, too. Instead of packing a small glass bottle that could possibly spill or shatter, take a sheet of the Drying Patches with you.

One shopper said they’re “better than the drying lotion,” adding that, “I usually prefer hydrocolloid patches, but I do like these spot treatment patches. I feel the vitamin C and niacinamide help heal blemishes faster and prevent marks. Salicylic acid doesn’t clear blemishes faster than benzoyl peroxide, for me, but it is gentler.”

That’s everything we need to conclude that the Drying Patches are the best solution for acne spots. You get 60 patches for $17, which should be more than enough to clear up your pesky blemishes.

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