Mariah Carey Launches New ‘Lollipop Bling’ Scent, Gets In Touch With Her Inner Child

Kerry Pieri

Mariah Carey in the ‘Lollipop Bling’ ad. Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Arden

Turns out you can just about add “bling” to anything. Inspired by Nick Cannon’s sugar-coated proposal (the ring was hidden inside candy packaging), Mariah Carey‘s newest fragrance, Lollipop Bling, is being launched in collaboration with Bazooka Candy and Ring Pops in particular, hitting stores July 2010.

“As an artist, I’m always looking for unique business models to connect with my fans and reach out to new segments of the audience, through different creative endeavors in music, partnerships or fragrances,” the pop star explained.

Each fragrance purchase will include that childhood staple the Ring Pop but the tie-in doesn’t end there. The scent trio brings candy-esque scents into its base notes, the Hero singer will appear in ads wearing Ring Pops and the packaging for the Elizabeth Arden fragrances are inspired by the sweet stuff think bubblegum pink.

Going for $35 a pop (pun intended), Lollipop Bling’s 1.0 fl oz scents have saccharine names like Honey, Mine Again and Ribbon and will be available at select US department stores including Macy’s and Sephora inside JCPenney. For Fall, look out for candy-inspired promotions including a gumball machine gift set.

What do you think a fun way to launch a new fragrance, or is this just a sugar overdose? Let us know in the comments!

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