Mariah Carey Is Being Abusively Body-Shamed on Instagram

Mariah Carey Is Being Abusively Body-Shamed on Instagram
Photo: Getty Images

Honestly, we’re starting to wonder why celebrities even bother with Instagram at this point. Because despite attempting to share their lives like relatively normal people, Internet trolls always find a way to criticize their every move (or look). The latest victim of an innocent Instagram gone wrong is Mariah Carey, who’s being hard-core body-shamed over a photo of her wearing a bodycon dress.

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Yesterday, the 47-year-old shared a cute photo of her with boyfriend Bryan Tanaka, and sure enough, the comment section was quickly swamped with cruel comments about Carey’s appearance. Allure reports that users wrote things like, “Mariah, you need to lose some weight cause your starting to look like a whale,” and, “cover those airbags.”

Carey’s fans quickly came to her defense with responses like, “You look amazing, most people wish they looked like you!!!!,” and our personal favorite, “If I looked that good at her age, I’d be flaunting it too. Haters B haters.”

It’s true—Carey looks like a goddess, and we’ll count our lucky stars if we age that well. But the bigger issue at hand is that Carey is being criticized for wearing a tight, low-cut dress. Sorry, but we’re not living in a “Handmaid’s Tale” reality (yet) where women have to cover up or submit to gratuitously mean, judgmental, and abusive commentary.

We’re here for Carey’s confidence, and we’re starting to get really sick of relentless body-shaming (remember Emily Ratajkowski’s photo from last week?) Carey has yet to respond to the bullies, but her follow-up Instagrams of her performance at the Hollywood Bowl hint that the singer is in no way letting the comments get to her. We’re already rolling our eyes thinking about what the Internet will have an issue with tomorrow.