Margot Robbie’s Makeup Artist’s Trick for Wearing Copper Eye Shadow

Margot Robbie’s Makeup Artist’s Trick for Wearing Copper Eye Shadow
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There are some eyeshadow colors we absolutely love, but when applied to our face, they fall flat. Unfortunately, copper is one of them because isn’t dark black or a highlight brown. It’s one of those in-between shades that can make eyes look tired or sunken.

But don’t let your dreams of glittery, copper shadow go down the drain just yet. Pati Dubroff, makeup artist to Margot Robbie, Natalie Portman, and Megan Fox, shared her best kept copper secrets with US Weekly after sending Margot to her “I, Tonya” movie premiere last night flaunting the shade around her eyes.

Dubroff’s biggest tip is “Using a lot of mascara and the dark rim of liner helps frame the copper so it does not make eyes appear tired.” She also recommends applying a sheer concealer under the eye after shadow application.

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To match Margot’s look, follow Dubroff’s lead and use Chantecaille Mermaid Eye Color in the shade Copper and the Luster Glide Silk Infused Eyeliner by the same brand. She says to apply the liner first, give it a little smudge, and top off with the metallic shadow. Be sure to apply it in with your fingers so your body heat can help it blend in more seamlessly.

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Experts say copper makeup brightens green and blue eyes, but with these tricks, we’re think anyone and everyone should give this color a shot.

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