5 Reasons We’re Obsessed with Marga Esquival Right Now

Rachel Adler

Obsessing over models’ ever-changing looks is just one of the many things we do to pass our time between Netflix binges and clicking through Snapchat stories. Because seriously, the art of the model-off-duty look is one that we can only hope to master, and some girls are just downright pros. The latest beauty to catch our eye? Newcomer Marga Esquival who was the lone silver fox to walk in Gucci’s Resort 2016 show, and has been making a name for herself ever since.

From her on-point silver strands to her literally perfect skin, here are the five reasons we can’t get enough of Marga right this minute.


That Silver Hair:
While we know silver hair was already having a moment in it’s own right, Marga cemented the fact that silver isn’t just something that happened when you age by dyeing her strands and then walking in (and may we say, being the talk of) the Gucci Resort 2016 show.


Those Bushy, Black Brows:
Cara who? Marga’s brows are bushy, grown-out perfection, and their dark contrast with her silver strands are everything we want in life. We’ve already stocked up on the blackest of black brow products to get there.


Those BANGS:
Trust us, not everyone can pull off brow-grazing fringe, but Marga does it so effortlessly. Naturally, hair legend Guido Palau gave her this chop, because she’s that cool.


Her Porcelain Skin:
No pores? Really? How is her skin just so perfect? We have so many questions. Please report back on all of your skin products, ASAP, Marga.


That Laid-Back Vibe:
Marga is from California originally, and it shows. Her model “face” may come off with some ‘tude, but her vibe is laid-back and welcoming, and we’re so here for it.