Dick Page at Marc by Marc Jacobs: “Apply This Eyeshadow Like a Windshield Wiper”

marc by marc jacobs

The statement eye isn’t exactly a new trend, but the look at Marc by Marc Jacobs took things to a whole new level. Makeup artist Dick Page for Shiseido created a one dimensional look backstage, focusing on blue eyeshadow that’s made for low maintenance ladies. Applying Shimmering Cream Eyeshadow in Ice in the shape of the eye, there’s no liner, mascara or brow. It’s a simple statement that’s just one thing. “I hate to justify the character of the show, but she’s lazy or high, or both,” Dick tells us. “Apply the cream shadow with a brush, holding it directly like a windshield wiper. Do the eye first, then clean up the face. It’s like a halo of color. It’s a bit cartoony.”

As for the hair, Guido Palau for Redken went for a grungy, cool look. With an offset center part, Guido used Satinwear Blow Dry Lotion before blowing hair dry, then used a barrel curling iron to get a wave, taming flyaways with Diamond Oil. Next, Guido tucked the hair behind the ears and wrapped the scarf around the hair to get a crease. Some models will wear the scarf on the runway, but others will rock more of a ’90s grunge look.

Photo by Rachel Adler

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