Marc Jacobs Makes Day-Old Makeup Look Good At NYFW

Rachel Adler
Marc Jacobs Makes Day-Old Makeup Look Good At NYFW
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At the Marc Jacobs’ show last night, Marc brought together his power duo for hair and makeup: Francois Nars and Guido Palau. The team created a “decadent” look that was inspired by Marchesa Luisa Casati, the eccentric Italian icon from the 1920s.

Guido, leading the team for Redken noted that although he was whipping the models’ hair up into two tight braided pigtail buns, this would not be seen at the show the girls each were wearing large fur hats created by Stephen Jones. The only hair that would be seen were whisps hanging in the front for movement on the runway, to soften the effect of the style.

For makeup, Francois Nars wanted to give the girls fresh, radiant skin and a strong, decadent eye. He chose to make the look more modern by not using blush or a lip color, but instead accentuating the brows and giving the eyes a very round, dreamy appearance. For the eyes, Nars smudged Pandora Duo Eye shadow, Black Moon Eyeliner and Bali Eye shadow underneath the lower lash line keeping everything very round and soft. He finished the look with a lot of mascara on both the top and bottom lashes. It reminded us of that look you get when you wake up in the morning after having slept in your makeup — yet somehow, this was perfect and doll-like. Apparently that’s what Nars meant when he said “dreamy”!

On the nails, Elisa Ferri for Zoya painted either Farrah or Cho (both neutral, full coverage shades) on the girls depending on their skin tones. Marc wanted an easy transition from their skin to their nails since there is an “explosion of color” in the collection, so these neutral tones provided a seamless hand.

Photos by Jackie Clifford