Manic Panic Introducing Lipstick: See the Colors

Augusta Falletta

manic panic lipstickIf you’re not familiar with Manic Panic, the hair dye responsible for the wild colors in Chloe Nørgaard’s hair, you will be now. Now available on their website, Manic Panic has introduced lipstick into the mix. Sold for $15.50 each, the Lethal Lipsticks collection of colors is another fun way for beauty junkies to test out bold looks with a smaller commitment than the hair dye.

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Three different textures — matte, metallic, and opalescent — are available, each with a range of colors for a total of 26 lip shades. With colors ranging from matte black to metallic blue (and of course, a few classic shades in modern textures), the ladies who love Manic Panic’s hair colors will die over the new lipstick collection. We can only hope their lip shades are as vivid as their hair dyes…

Where to Buy: Manic Panic Lipstick, $15.50,