Man Behind Faulty Breast Implants Arrested in France

Rachel Adler

We admittedly are stunned by the story of the faulty breast implants that have been fitted in more than 30,000 women in France and 40,000 women in the UK (and were then told to have them removed by the French government due to the fact that they would most likely rupture). If you are not familiar with the story, the company Poly Implant Prothese (PIP), were using a homemade silicone for the implants and the gel did not react properly.

Now, the founder of PIP has been arrested by the police in the south of France. Jean-Claude Mas, who is 72, has already given several interviews to French media regarding the entire scandal stating that his non-medical grade silicone was made to “cut costs.” According to The Guardian, the gel was not approved for medical use and included a mix of agricultural and industrial grade silicone. When Mas was asked about his ingredients he simply said, “a chemical product can be used to make lots of things.”

He had also told investigators that he had instructed his company staff to hide the gel from any inspectors.

While this story is obviously still in the early stages, the UK women with PIP implants were told that there wasn’t any clinical need to have their implants removed — which is an interesting vote of confidence on the British Department of Health’s part. As for the case, no one has officially been charged, but a few of the key PIP managers will be facing fraud and deceptive business practice charges in court. There is also another investigation currently involving a women who died of cancer last year with PIP implants, which could also change matters. Also, over 2,000 French women who have had PIP implants have filed legal complaints against the company, and those will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

We will keep you updated, but in the meantime if you or anyone you know are considering plastic surgery, please do your research!